Welcome to AP CORALS!

We are located in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada. We don’t have a physical store front as it is not a business but just a hobbyist’s personal website.

AP CORALS was started by Albert Poon who has been in the marine aquarium hobby since 2003. As a hobbyist who started out to enjoy the amazing experience in keeping marine fish and corals to aqua culturing and sharing/selling coral frags from his over grown corals.

We have a very strict livestock quarantine protocol. All fish in our tanks were either bought from Carl ‘s Aquarium or Ethical Aquatics, or under our own copper treatment for at least 3 weeks. All corals, coral frags, and inverts (shrimps, crabs, snails) have been quarantined in a fishless tank for at least 45 days before entering into our main tank. 

Albert is well known of selling corals to fellow hobbyists with very reasonable and affordable prices. Prices are everyday low prices so that you don’t have to wait for discounted sales on special days and spend times to negotiate for lower prices! You can also make your own frag pack as we have the option of  buy more and save more:

Use code AP10SAVE to get 10% OFF of your entire cart if the total is $400 or more.

Use code AP15SAVE to get 15% OFF of your entire cart if the total is $1,000 or more.

Use code AP20SAVE to get 20% OFF of your entire cart if the total is $2,000 or more.

Dry goods in this site are items that we have either bought too many or have been used. They are for sale with deep discount on most items.

To find out how Albert has been building his current Red Sea XL525 reef tank, check his Build Thread in GTAAQUARIA.COM.

Albert is a long time member of Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto which was founded in 1986.